Galway Races

It is almost that time of year again , The Galway Races. The whole of Ireland flocks to the city of tribes and dons their best fashion money can buy. 

Prepping for the races can takes some folk up to two weeks, organizing the hair , makeup , tan , nails AND the dress !!! or the suit if your a man folk.

Everyone takes massive pride in their appearance and hopes to get spotted by the best dressed judges on the day.

It is a great day out and that can last right into the night. Galway city is buzzing with style & excitiment with so many events being held all over our beautiful city.

We are preety excited oursleves and just had our delivery of fasicnators !! They are soooo fab !! My top pick is the light pink flower with white dotted netting. 

Others choose the navy and white feather style one , that can be worn with many a dress.

Our dress selection is exstensive and we have a summer sale through out the store with 20% off  all fashion !! Nice little savings for you .

Dresses come in lace , embelishments , florals , two pieces , and so much more.

Our store is just ten minutes from Barna , when you get here you can enjoy a nice coffee in our cafe and a treat if desired or simple get take out and browse the style.

If you have any queries on anything feel free to drop us a line anytime 9-7 091 553115 

We look forward to seeing you over the next few weeks to the lead up to the races !!! We are going to get prepping now !!! Some of us do have to you know .


Fathers Day Gift Guide

Volkswagaon Surf Car €29.99

Dad’s tool box €14.99

SurvIval of the fittest  :  Measure tape (small)  €4.99  / Torch €5.99   / Plasters €5.99 / Measure Tape (big) €15.00

Best Dad Ever Sign €12.50 

Cheese Board €19.99

All our gifts are available in-store . We are very happy to gift wrap anything you purchase.

We would like to wish all the fathers out there a great day on Sunday from all us here at Standun Spiddal 

Tara Gifts Works

Tara Giftworks are one of the leading giftware suppliers in Ireland.They have over 30 years experience in the giftware and furniture market and Standun Spiddal is very lucky to be stocking them in our brick and mortar store and exclusively online.

Our Tara giftworks range consists of beautiful frames and and lamps and candle holders along with some cute soft furnishings. For a house, a wedding gift or attractive décor item choose between a beautifully packaged duck egg or rose bone china tea or mug set, a vintage frame, a cream lantern or an embossed floral grey lamp. For that truly imaginative gift consider a single vintage or elegant frame to house their precious memory and you’ve got a winner.

Add a flourish to your bedroom with our earthy shade lamps or insert some sweet memories into the photo frames so you will never forget and light a candle to set the mood on a special occasion. Our Tara range are ideal gifts for all the family and can be added into the style of your home with ease.

We stock The Tara range both in our store here in Spiddal or online

Heart & Home

Heart & home candles are our newest edition to Standun . We all  use candles to celebrate , birthdays , christenings , weddings and place around the home.
Their bespoke aromas can take you anywhere from a beach taking in the unmistakable smell of the cool sea breeze. Here, you can unwind and relax in sheer serenity. Alternately, you could find yourself in the heart of a hidden oasis; totally alone in your utter contentment. The smell of fresh green fauna surrounds you in bliss as you slowly feel yourself de-stress.
Their rich, inviting aromas invoke powerful memories and emotions within you. As enticing as they are delectable, our candles offer an experience like no other. They stir warm, wondrous feelings that, until this moment, you had forgotten existed. Feel yourself unwind, as our original fragrances transport you to faraway places.

Heart & Home Candles are made from soy wax blends giving you a completely clean burn Once you light the wick and inhale the gorgeous scents, you’ll find that you are no longer merely sitting in your living room. Instead, you’re a million miles away, enjoying the pure joy these fragrances offer. We use candles to celebrate , birthdays , christenings , weddings and place around the home.

When you invest in scented candles by Heart & Home, our individual soy wax blend means you can be sure of a completely clean burn. Our attractive candles make ideal gifts for yourself or your loved ones.

Cote Noire

Our newest additions to the store are these super stunning Cote Noire scented flowers.

They look and feel like real flowers with a charming diffuser alternative accompanied by a perfume spray .

You just spray the flowers every couple of days and a natural coating refrains the fragrance.

Taking inspiration from provincial village life they have created a range  full of bodied fragrances combining patisserie favourites with succulent fruits & florals.

We love them in our styling room , at the office desk , your make up stand or in your bathroom .

They are availble for for purchase in store or over the phone 

Thanks for stopping by Sinead 

Wedding Day Outfits ♥

Romantic and feminine are two words that describe the dressy look for this spring.

Romantic and feminine are two words that describe the dressy look for this spring.

Fitted and waist dresses contrast with shift or gathered alternatives. Block colours sit beside floral and stripped options in daring combinations and lengths and provide camouflage for the fuller figure. An explosion of colour and shades of colours offer choices for every colouring and age group.

2016 Spring/Summer Fashion – New Arrivals ♥

Spring/Summer Fashion 2016 at Standún…

The Spring/Summer season’s are upon us which means the latest trends and fashion are here.

This season in Standún we have a huge range of designers such as Adrianna Papell, Tahari, Darling, Daisy May, White Stuff, Louche, Great Plains & many more.

Make sure to pop into us in store or visit our website to shop our full Spring Summer Collection. You’ll be sure to find the perfect outfit whatever the occassion!

Clan Sweater Patterns ♥

Over the years, in line with ancient Irish folklore, many Clans adopted the Aran Sweater as the ultimate Clan symbol. Historically these patterns were safeguarded within families and passed down from generation to generation.

Today there are over 130 different patterns available with more still to be developed, inspired by the different parts of Ireland and the Irish names which originated from within. The pattern’s foundations are deep-rooted in ancient Irish legend, culture and traditions.

Each clan pattern is a work of art unique to those bearing your name. There is evidence that over this last century many clans adopted their own particular pattern; a unique combination of stitches that provided deep symbolic meaning to each family and this was then passed down from generation to generation.

Aran Sweaters 2016 New Arrivals ♥

This Spring/Summer we have some Beautiful New Arrivals From Carraig Donn, West End Knitwear & Irelands Eye. You are sure to find the perfect Aran Sweater for a great price here at Standún.

Have a look through our selection for the perfect Aran Sweater for you!

 The Modern Twist on the original Polo Neck for €89.99

Celtic Candles ♥

Standún is excited to welcome Celtic Candles, an old Irish company established in1993.  

Standún is excited to welcome Celtic Candles, an old Irish company established in1993. 

Organic and natural, made with plant wax and essential oils, the candles and wax melts are pure enough to rub on the skin and powerful enough to ignite the senses. The range of scents, the fact they burn clear without wastage and the simple yet sophisticated packaging make them a perfect gift or a therapeutic self-indulgence.

Our favourites are the sensual aroma of orange, clove, and cinnamon for daytime and relaxing lavender for evening.