Say Hello to the Perfect Wedding Gifts

Spring has sprung and wedding season is in full bloom. We’ve got the perfect gift ideas for the future forever couple in your life

Wedding season means getting caught up in the swell of love and excitement, new outfits, parties – and the pressure of finding the perfect gift for the bride and groom. This often means hours scouring the internet for that special something. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our sophisticated, stylish and practical gifts, guaranteed to be cherished forever.

Let’s start with Mindy Brownes’ elegant vintage collection. Cutting the cake is just the beginning: the happy couple is in for a lifetime of having their favourite cake – and serving it – with the Mother of Pearl cake and server set. Featuring embellished handles, the set is perfect for dinner events, birthday parties or just as a treat.


Add a touch of class to the table setting with the beautiful 24 piece vintage style cutlery set. Each piece is made of stainless steel, finished with a cream ceramic handle, and is presented in a gorgeous presentation box. It’s ideal for a special dinner party, but affordable enough to use every day if they like to feel a little bit fancy…

Season dinner in style with the regal salt and pepper shaker set, which instantly transforms any tabletop from dull to divine. Pair with some of the other options on offer – the salad server, spreader set or fruit fork set, for a sophisticated feel at the breakfast table.



Looking for more inspiration? Our homeware section is packed with gift ideas. Such as the Vera Wang With Love collection; gorgeous pieces finished with silver plating, vivid color enamel accents, and a special gold charm...

Waterford Crystal’s sparkling collection is also a popular choice. Accessorise in bold style with the vibrant Lismore Pops, available in five striking colours – purple, emerald, aqua, orange and hot pink.


Check out our full range of giftware here.





5 Things You Need to Know About the Aran Sweater

Big knits are big in style, and the chunky Aran sweater – once Ireland’s fashion secret – has made a huge comeback. Comfortable and super cosy, the humble Aran sweater has been rediscovered and redesigned in recent years by trendy knitwear brands such as Chinti & Parker. There’s no doubt about it – the Aran cable knit is gone global.

Of course, if you’re looking for something truly authentic, you have to get it from the source: the Aran Islands. Although it’s still unclear when exactly the Aran sweater came to be, it’s thought to be in the early 1900s. Here’s everything you need to know:

5 The History

The women of the Aran Islands started selling their designs to shops on the mainland, as a way of generating their own income. Warm and functional, these fishermen’s sweaters were originally made with unscoured wool using lanolin (a wax like substance) secreted by sheep.  The end result was waterproof, durable and required minimal washing – although that did mean you were left with a slight odour problem… however, that didn’t matter to the fishermen. Warmth is what made Aran sweaters endure today. Families even created their own unique, complex patterns (each jumper can have up to 100,000 stitches apiece).

4 The Rise to Fame

In the 1950s and 1960s the export trade of Aran jumpers rose dramatically and soon they were appearing in Vogue magazine and wardrobes all over the world. Something that helped boost the jumper’s global acclaim was revolutionary Irish folk band The Clancy Brothers, whose performance on The Ed Sullivan Show in March 1961 lasted a record-breaking 16 minutes. The quartet were dressed in pristine knitwear – four thick white Aran sweaters that their mother Johanna had sent over to protect them from the bitter winter in New York. Their recordings went on to influence a new generation of artists – including a young Bob Dylan.

3 Handmade or machine knit?

Handknit: These are the best quality, but they are also the most expensive. They are made from heavy yarn and knit very tightly, so the patterns are very well defined. Hand knit Aran sweaters are durable and long lasting, retaining both shape and definition for years. Consider buying a size up if you’re investing in a handmade sweater as they are a snugger fit, and won’t loosen with wear or washing.

Machine Knit: Machine knits are usually thinner and will stretch with wear over the years, so we’d recommend buying a size down. They will have less intricate patterns, so they are by far the least expensive. However, they tend to be more colourful, and feature more contemporary styles, with all of the warmth and texture of a traditional sweater.

2. Weight and Type of Yarn

A good quality Aran sweater should feel heavier than you expect when you pick it up. Traditionally, Aran sweaters were a slightly scratchy and uncomfortable, but the yarn that is used now is usually treated – it’s best to find a sweater with a tightly twisted yarn, which feels slightly harder to touch. The softer wools can lose the stitch definition over time, whereas the tougher wools won’t. If you’re looking for something with more colour and variety, you can get Aran style sweaters made from wool blends, cotton, and linen. These are a beautiful, modern twist on the traditional sweater.

1. Stitches

The Aran sweaters use a variety of stiches, each with their own meaning and heritage woven throughout. The stiches are usually closely related to the earth, sea or family.  Some of the more popular stitches include the honeycomb (a reminder of the hard-working bee), tree of life (symbolising family unity), the diamond stitch (a wish for success and wealth) and the cable stitch, which represented the fisherman’s rope, a symbol of safety and good luck. No matter what kind of stitch is featured on an Aran sweater, you’re guaranteed to be wearing a piece of history.

Now that that you know all about the Aran sweater, it’s time to buy your very own! Here are some selections of stunning knitwear to get you started.

Welcome to Standún, Home of the Aran Sweater

Say hello to our brand new website, and find out what makes our store so special…

What makes Standún so unique? Well, let’s start with our history. It all began with a young couple who fell in love during the fight for independence in Ireland, and took a chance on buying a business in their dream location: Galway. May and Máirtín Standún opened Standún’s in 1946, in the heart of Connemara, and it’s been family-run ever since.

What started as a small store became a local landmark, and in its time Standún sold everything from clothing to footwear and furniture, bedding and bicycles – and even cement and building materials!

At its heart was the Aran Sweater, knitted by hand by the local community. At one point there was over 700 pairs of hands crafting these beautiful sweaters! Standún also became the first store in Ireland to export the Aran sweater to the US. Find out more about the incredible history here.

Now in its third generation, we’re so proud to carry on the tradition of the Standún family store online, with our brand new website. Looking for a cosy Aran sweater to snuggle into during the cold winter months? We’ve got you covered – literally, with our huge range of thick, warm and super soft traditional handknits and machine knits. Need to get that perfect Christmas gift for a loved one? Choose from our range of handcrafted jewellery, pottery and quirky items; alongside contemporary, sleek designs from our homeware range.

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