Jasmine and Honeysuckle Candle 19.95

Julie Clarke lovingly hand-makes all of her candles in her workshop, situated on an acre of gardens in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland.

Shop her entire collection here: https://www.standun.com/homeware/brands-i-p/julie-clarke.html

The candles are created using inspiration from garden fragrances using quality natural waxes. Each of their fragrances has been carefully crafted using the finest essential oils, providing a unique set of calming aromas for your home. Choose from revitalising citrus, romantic and relaxing florals, sensual woody scents and comforting vanilla. For other Irish natural brands shop here: https://bit.ly/2C30TVn

Julie Clarke in her wokshop

In 2014 Julie decided it was the right time to make the change from a career in adult education and training to something more creative.  Julie trained in the art of candle making with master candle maker David Constable in Wales where she learned the secrets of making all kinds of candles including – vessel, pillar and taper candles. Julie also traveled to Switzerland to develop her candle making knowledge further. Shop all of our Irish designers here: https://bit.ly/3eXr2Dj

Julie Clarke Candles are proud to be registered with the vegan society.   Vegan friendly candles and diffusers eliminates all animal derived ingredients. All of their products carry the Sunflower symbol and do not contain any animal derived ingredients and are free from any animal testing.  For other Vegan brands shop The Handmade Soap Company https://bit.ly/2D80K3t

Julie Clarke Candles use 100% pure natural waxes that come from a biodegradable renewable resource. Soy wax, derived from the vegetable soy bean, is blended with our other natural and sustainable waxes of Canola (derived from rapeseed) and Coconut,. The Julie Clarke range is part of Standún's range of diffusers and candles that can be found here: https://bit.ly/31FgUvd

Once candles have been used they can be cleaned out and made into these stunning lanterns.

When your candle has burned down, the wax cleans out easily with soap and hot water, leaving you with a lovely translucent porcelain lantern to pop a tea light into. For other ranges of decorative accessories shop here: https://bit.ly/31C3KPM

Shop the entire collection: https://www.standun.com/homeware/brands-i-p/julie-clarke.html