Privacy Policy

Standún is committed to respecting our visitor's information. We collect basic data from our online shoppers such as IP addresses, browsers, time of access, etc. This information is used as a security measure for all those who give credit card details, in the event that the card is being used fraudently. If so we can follow up on the IP address of the person misusing the credit card and inform the relevant authorities.

All information received through ordering goods from the online shop, and any email enquiry or online form filled out by our visitors will be kept strictly confidential, and will never be shared with a third party. We collect personal information to process our customer's order and billing information. Their personal information is only used to process the order, and for no other purpose.

Standún respects all information received from both our visitors making enquiries and our customers. As a customer of Standún we assume you will be interested in receiving updates of new product additions to the website or the shop, or any special offers we may be running.

Email addresses will be kept in a secure database and used only to confirm your order and to send out our updates. There is an opt-out facility available at the bottom of each mailing, giving you control over whether you wish to continue to receive our email newsletter.

Standún reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy without notice.


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