McKenzy | 100% Cashmere Polo Neck | Beige H300


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Washing Dry clean or hand-wash in warm water with a small amount of detergent. Avoid soaking.

Do not rub clothing; gently wring it in water. To remove excess water, wrap it in a terry towel without twisting it.

You can also use a washing machine with programs that simulate hand wash (you can find it in most of the latest models). Wash at low temperatures and low spins, taking care to turn the garment.

Do not overload the basket, to avoid excessive friction between the items of clothing.

Lay the garment on a flat surface to let it dry, but never on direct sources of heat (radiators, direct sunlight, etc). Pull the garment to reach the initial measures - never hang it in the drying phase.

Ironing and Storage If properly washed and dried, your clothing shouldn’t need ironing. However, if ironing is necessary, follow the instructions below: Do not place in contact with a red-hot iron. Give bursts of steam at about 5cm away from the fabric or, in more extreme cases, to interpose, between the inverted cashmere and the iron, a cotton or linen fabric and proceed with very low ironing temperature.

The garments must be put in a dry and cool place, within an enclosure that contains a natural anti-moth substance, like cedar or lavender. To avoid stress to the delicate and soft cashmere fibres is recommended to prolong use between each wear in order to let the garment rest.

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